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Tree Services, Orlando, Fl.

  • Safe Tree Removal of difficult and dangerous trees
  • Complete Tree Removal with yard clean-up
  • Cut & leave take downs
  • Selective Tree Trimming and Tree Pruning
  • Crown Reductions/View enhancements
  • Dead wood branch removal
  • Major Tree Limb removal
  • Hazardous Tree Removals
  • Storm damage clean-up
  • Stump Grinding
  • Stump Removal
  • Shrub Trimming or removal

Tree Removal Process:

Careful consideration is taken in determining the method and necessary equipment needed to accomplish a safe and successful removal. Some tree locations, obstacles, conditions and size require a crane or bucket truck for safe removal.  The appropriate method is determined during the estimate visit.

The most common method of tree removal is to climb and individually remove limbs.  Then the trunk is removed in large sections and prepared for pick up by a log truck or cut into manageable size pieces for hauling and disposal.  Once the tree is on the ground and all limbs and debris are chipped, our crew carefully rakes the yard area and we orchestrate the log pick up.

Trimming, Pruning & Limb Removal:

There are many reasons to consider tree trimming and limb removal.  Weight distribution and balance, dead wood removal, canopy elevation and proper wind flow can be accomplished with periodic tree maintenance.

Trimming or pruning is beneficial to the overall health of a tree and improves the trees appearance.  There are many types of pruning techniques to accomplish your ultimate goal.  We will review your concerns and explain in detail what is needed to accomplish your desired improvement.

Stump Grinding Process:

Stump grinding is the most efficient way of removing stumps with very little disturbance to your yard and surrounding plants. It works like a chipper, but at ground level.

Our equipment is portable and has a large wheel with individual teeth. We make passes over the stump with the machine until it is ground below the surface. You are left with a finely ground pile of mulch mixed with dirt that is raked back into the stump hole.

Excess mulch can be utilized around shrubs or trees and is highly recommended for this use. All remaining grindings from stumps are left for your use or disposal, or can be removed for an additional fee.

Some tree species have unwanted surface roots that can be ground also and can be included in the estimate if specifically requested.

Equipment owned/used: BobCat, Chipper, DumpTruck, Dump Trailers, Stump Grinder, High Lift


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Types of Firewood for sale:

firewood photo three         Residential Firewood
        BBQ Firewood
        Lighter Knot Firewood
        Specialty Firewood
        Commericial Firewood
        Maple Firewood
        Cherry Firewood
        Oak Firewood
        Pine Firewood

We also provide Firewood for craftshows.
We offer both seasoned Firewood and greenfirewood.

Our pricing is extremely reasonable, from Free to $150 for a full truckload of firewood cut and loaded.

Now Open 7 days a week from 9AM-6PM
We also provide firewood delivery. Call us for a quote. (407) 545-0191
Call first to 407-545-0191 or 407-927-5780 or 407-860-8733.
Firewood Depot for Orlando, Florida.

18917 Jackson Ave. Orlando, Fl. 32820

Firewood for sale

We offer a full line of firewood(Avocado, Oak, Pine, Wild Cherry, and Lighter Knot).
Firewood from Free to $125 per truck load.

The Value of Trees (PDF Document)

Creed's Tree Service and Tree Removal service, located in Orlando, Florida, offers a complete line of Tree services including Tree Trimming and Tree Removal. We service Orlando, FL., including the surrounding areas of Central Florida. We have all the necessary experience(35 years) and equipment to handle any Tree service, whether it's Tree Trimming, or Tree Removal.
Creed's Tree Service - (407) 860-8733 - 3408 South Goldenrod Road, Orlando, FL. 32822